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Post by Artemis Hyde on Mon Jul 13, 2009 8:10 pm

Name: Artemis Hyde

Origin: ?

Species: Modified Human

Appearance (human): A rough, muscular looking man with ragged brown hair and dark blue eyes, 5’8”, 176lbs.

Appearance (nonhuman): 13’4” (on two legs), 7’5” (on 4 legs), ragged and mangled brown hair covering his entire body, 4 claws per hand or foot, dark blue eyes, wolf like head, razor sharp teeth.

Attributes (human): stealthy, can make any shot, can track any prey, the perfect hunter.

Attributes (nonhuman): can regenerate if damaged, beast-like strength and speed, claws and teeth sharp enough to rip through any armor, and beast-like senses (sight, smell, hearing…etc)


-Semi-automatic laser rifle with an adjustable scope that can be modified for any ammo, has a silencer for conventional ammo, aka the BHG (Big Honkin’ Gun).

-many, many explosives

-sonic screw driver

-laser pistol

-cam-foil suit

-many tricks up his sleeve…

He came from a facility on an unknown planet. A doctor with a dog face performed various, questionably ethical experiments on the secret project of the empire: Hyde. One day he escaped because the doctors underestimated their creation that was made to be unstoppable. Afterward, he swore eternal vengeance against the facility that gave him his…condition. The facility's name is unknown because after he escaped, it disappeared. He never wanted to turn into the beast, which called itself Hyde in his head, because he can’t control when he changes back. He has to convince Hyde to change back, or overpower him in his mind. If he starts rambling on at nothing, he’s not crazy. There really is an alter-ego inside his head. He can turn into Hyde willingly, but in cases of extreme stress or pain, he switches automatically. Because he is a beast he became obsessed with hunting him, learning their weaknesses and strengths, so that no one could ever capture and experiment on him again. No one inhabited the planet for a hundred miles at least, so he lived of what he could catch with a bow and arrow. He used this time building his hunting skills and his hate for the facility. He remembers nothing of the facility or before it except an insignia that kept appearing on its walls. When the empire sent a new facility to his planet, he realized that it was their insignia, so he redirected his vengeance on the entire empire. He was amazed that he could understand all of the empire’s technology in the weapons facility/research center, as he later found out the new facility was. He had never seen this technology before. Had he known other people before the experiments? He still has not answered this question. After the facility was constructed, he started raiding the imperial solders stationed at the perimeter of the facility as Hyde, taking guns, blades, tools, anything he could use.. He did not want change into Hyde, but knew that his real face should not be seen because he was already known as Larry Jones, a rookie guard who had just arrived on the planet, but could not perform his duty due to…extenuating circumstances. Larry was a history buff, and he loved the Greek gods. In his pack he had a book of Greek mythology, and while reading through it, Artemis read about Artemis the Hunter, the Greek goddess of hunting. He liked the name Artemis Hyde, so that’s what he named himself. But, more importantly than a name, Larry provided a way into the facility. So using Larry’s uniform, he was able to get inside the facility and steal better weapons and gadgets. Such as the sonic screw driver he obtained on his first day of roaming the facility and of course, his pride and joy, the BHG. Its name is joke among the scientists who created this big honkin’ gun, they named it the Big Honkin’ Gun. It’s weapon for every occasion, the perfect balance of power, fire rate, accuracy, and mobility. He is now the constant annoyance of research facility V-14, on what he learns the empire calls planet F-54.
Artemis Hyde
Artemis Hyde

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