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Technology Empty Technology

Post by David Hadron on Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:48 pm

Here's the place to post about any technology that your characters use (this includes weapons, systems, and any other sort of thing that falls into this).
Just like has been stated, type in the name of the topic in the Subject box, and the first 2 lines should be like this:

Bold Title
Short summary of the Title
Here is just a big long explanation of whatever you think is the best thing that you shall put to describe it, as well as whatever it is that makes it significant to the story and to you, as well as to the character that whatever the title of this thing and/or idea, will this thing better be important!
David Hadron
David Hadron

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Technology Empty DRAGOON's

Post by David Hadron on Sun Jul 12, 2009 4:49 pm

DRAGOON (Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlook Operation Network)
Weapons Pods Remote Control System
The DRAGOON system is a control system developed to guide remote weapons. The DRAGOON uses Quantum Communication to send signals to weapon pods to move them around without the awkward wire-guidance used in other wanzers. This system requires a pilot with highly spatial awareness through the pilot's brain waves. The DRAGOON system is so powerful that a Wanzer equipped with this system and piloted by a skilled pilot can match the firepower of a team of conventional wanzers, but with more coordination than a group of individual pilots, they have even been known to take on full fledged Capital ships.
However, as a powerful weapon DRAGOON system has its weaknesses. The first one being its extraordinary power consumption--all wanzers with full-fledged DRAGOON systems are nuclear powered. This is because all pods of the system use beam technology--it consumes an immense amount of energy to move and fire. The second one being its extraordinary difficulty to operate--a person with great spatial awareness and mental and physical prowess is required to use the system to its full potential. However, the newer versions of the system have been able to overcome this shortcoming through use of quantum computers but is still difficult to coordinate the pods properly nonetheless. The third drawback of the system is that it cannot be used on Earth since none of the pods can achieve atmospheric flight. Also, even if the pods can fly in the atmosphere, they wouldn't be as effective as they are in space because they will be less maneuverable in the atmosphere due to air resistance and the thrust needed to overcome gravity. The fourth and final drawback is that once a pod is destroyed, the system's power diminishes. As more pods are destroyed, the system becomes less and less useful.[u]

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Technology Empty The Abysmal

Post by David Hadron on Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:41 pm

HMPF-X17 Abysmal
An Experimental High Performance Space Wänzer

The Abysmal is armed with new advanced as well as experimental weaponry, giving it several times the combat capability of normal and standard Wänzers.

Apart from the head-mounted CIWS and "Super Lacerta" beam sabers, the Abysmal is equipped with a pair of "Xiphias 3" rail cannons on its hips, a smaller and more refined version of its predecessor, and an abdomen-mounted "Callidus" multi-phase beam cannon. It also carries two high energy beam rifles that can combine into a longer, more powerful weapon similar to the Buster class Wänzer's ability to combine its main armaments into a more powerful weapon. These rifles can be stored on the hips by having the rail cannons swivel to the rear of the suit. For defensive purposes the Abysmal is also equipped with beam shield generators which are mounted on its forearms.
The most distinctive feature of the Abysmal though, is the set of wings housed on its backpack/thruster array. These wings give the Abysmal an updated HiMAT (High Maneuver Aerial Tactical) mode akin to emergency maneuvering thrusters on capital ships. In addition, it has the "Voiture Lumière" booster engine on all of its 8 "wings", which allows to increase its acceleration continuously as long as it is in a low pressure environment (such as space). The wings are part of the Abysmal's weaponry as the blue sections of the eight wing components can detach and operate as remote "Super" DRAGOON units, each mounting one MA-80V beam assault cannon.
Characteristics and Features:
The Abysmal features incredibly high firepower, high accuracy, and high defensive capability, which some consider it as the first Super Robot concept among Wänzers. The Abysmal excels in various range's. For close combat, aside the CIWS and the twin combinable beam sabers, its chest and hip mounted cannons can also be utilized, not to mention its already high speed. In medium range combat, two beam rifles and various cannons are available with or without the multi lock capability. For long range, the combined beam rifles and the powerful chest mounted Positron cannon can be used. It has remote weapons, the DRAGOONs, which can be used for either close, medium, and long range combat. For defensive purpose, the two powerful beam shields generators also mounted on each of its forearms.
The "trademark" feature of Abysmal is that it has the capability to lock onto multiple units. This multi-lock capability allows the pilot, to target several enemies at once with multiple weapons salvo firings.
The Abysmal's crest (which is a phrase in latin inscribed at the top of every Wänzers head unit) is "Infinitio Vorago" which literally translated means "Endless Chasm".
David Hadron
David Hadron

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