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Name: David Hadron
Military Call Sign: Revan
Age: 17 or 18 (exact not known)
Place of Origin: Lagrange Point 3 Space Station
Position: Emperor of Humanity (1 U.E, 2218 A.D.)

David is an Übermensch, which are genetically enhanced human beings who possess a number of enhanced traits, including faster learning and stronger and faster bodies that are virtually immune to diseases. He is also a carrier of SHADOW, an alien biometal that acts as an extension of your central nervous system and is extremely resilient and powerful. David is a leader, pure and simple. He has fought in 2 Solar Wars and is the De Facto leader of the Human race as it stands in his time period.

Übermensch are physically and mentally superior to baseline normal humans. Übermensch feared and hated by normal humans, this hatred and envy of Übermensch stem from their superior abilities. Because there is only a limited number of Übermensch, "genetic saturation" with the succeeding generations has been occurring more and more. The genetic modifications that create an Übermensch had to be performed in the earliest stages of embryonic development. The Übermensch embryo was then reinserted back into its mother for gestation. These genetic enhancements are then passed on to the Übermensch's children without the need for more enhancements. Because of this, they have seemed to hit an evolutionary standstill that could only be surpassed with more forced genetic manipulation, (which just compounds the initial problem). Übermensch are becoming increasingly sterile because they do not have the genetic input which Naturals possess, additionally, this sterile situation only occurs in 3rd-generation Übermensch. Though scientists are busy working on a solution, there is no known cure as of the present date. Another potential flaw of Übermensch is that there is a discrepancy between how an Übermensch fetus is intended to develop and how the child turns out in reality. In many cases, unwanted genetic traits would appear in the baby, arguably due to the inability of the mother's womb to pose as an adequate environment to support the genetic modifications.
Übermensch and Naturals:
For many years, after this revelation, Übermensch remained illegal. When the ban was repealed in the 2150s, the "Übermensch boom" started and lasted until the 2180s. Following the rapid and widespread diffusion of Übermensch, major social unrest followed, throwing the world into chaos. Many Naturals started to oppose the Übermensch out of jealousy for their abilities, stating that they were created unnaturally. Anti-Übermensch pressure groups labeled Übermensch as "space monsters" and declared that they had to be wiped out "for the preservation of a blue and pure world." As more and more of these groups gained control of Earth based governments, many Übermensch migrated to the newly built planetary colonies and space stations, making Earth the domain of Natural humans and the stars the domain of Übermensch. In 2200 many of the colonies and stations broke away from the Earth governments (SOL) and unified to create an independent confederacy (STAR). This brought about the first Solar War (War of Independence) ending in a STAR victory, insuring their survival as an independent nation. The second Solar War (War of Unification) in 2015 was initiated by STAR and SOL “Unitarians” (people who want a united human race) that manipulated the government and people to fight for a “United and Strong Reality”, this ended when STAR initiated a bold but successful invasion of the major countries in SOL (America, China, Islamic Kingdom, Russia, and Germany). After this humiliating defeat, SOL starts to hate Übermensch with an even more intense hatred and begins to build up a huge supply of military weapons in order to “Eliminate the blight of Übermensch from and for the future of humanity”. During this time a young STAR leader named Julius Electus begins to rise in the ranks of government and after mysterious accidents becomes chairman of the STAR council. Julius preached one message: “One star, One government, One humanity”. SOL launches the last Solar War (War of Empire) and begins to take over STAR states and systematically annihilates the Übermensch population in each one. After about the 6 months of the bloodiest battles humanity had ever known, the biggest independent nation (Kingdom of Neptune) is attacked and destroyed by SOL forces, prompting what’s left of the Neptunian Royal Family to start a war of attrition against SOL. Julius is proving to be the greatest tactician of his generation, destroying fleets 10 times his size and eventually moves the imperial forces (STAR has dissolved and Julius has formed the Terran Empire) into a position to destroy the Earth in order to “Insure that humanity can never be lead along a dark path again”. During the last battle David Hadron (Ex. Lieutenant of Julius and future king of Neptune) Stops the imperial forces and kills Julius, and because of planed incidents conspired by Julius, becomes head of the Empire. He pleads with the people of SOL to throw of their hate and prejudice of their governments and joins him in order to make sure that this conflict will never repeat itself, effectively unifying the human race.
The Ultimate Übermensch:
In the late 2190’s a renowned genetic professor known as Dr. Damien proposed the usage of an artificial womb to circumvent the natural womb's shortcomings in order create an infant, which has all the intended genetic modifications without any deviations. This gives whoever is the “Ultimate Übermensch” superiority over the average Übermensch. Many "prototypes" failed, before the last and successful "Ultimate Übermensch", Damien’s “son” David Hadron, was born on 2200. David grew up completely unaware of his origins until later during the final Solar War.
SHADOW Factor:
SHADOW is a rare biometal that was used to help humans with substantially complex problems and professions. It has been mined out (not to mention it is now illegal) but a few humans still have small amounts of SHADOW from reconstructive surgery (Such as David, though his side, from his shoulder to the hip on the left side is entirely made of SHADOW). There both benefits and disadvantages to carrying SHADOW.
SHADOW represents the ability for an individual to enter into a state of enhanced awareness and peak physical ability. While in this state, the person demonstrates heightened reflexes and extremely quick information processing. This ability is usually triggered by extreme situations or from recalling significant traumas, often arising out of a need to protect someone else in a critical situation (think of it like when people having superhuman strength during an outbreak of fire and can carry extremely heavy weight out of the fire scene but can never even dream of carrying in normal daily life) When using SHADOW, a person exceeds his or her normal physical and mental limits. There are two observed ways that SHADOW can be fully activated. When a character suddenly resolves to protect his allies or to strike down his enemies during battle, however, it also happens when a character has entered battle with a particular resolve, he may trigger his SHADOW at will. A character's state of mind when he enters SHADOW mode appears amplified. Entering it through the first way, in response to the stress of battle, is most commonly (but not always) caused by anger or rage. The heightened awareness and ability allows the person to fight more efficiently, often resulting in a much higher kill count. Those who enter it the second way (or the first way with a calm state of mind) display an increased amount of mental control (the physical characteristics are the shrinking of the pupil and growth of the iris).
David Hadron
David Hadron

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David Hadron, The Ultimate Übermensch Empty David Hadron, The Ultimate Übermensch part II

Post by David Hadron on Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:56 pm


Childhood: David was born/made on the LaGrange Point 3 station in the year 2200 by genetic professor Dr. Damien as proof that humanity can grow beyond its biological barriers. Later that same year the SOL unleashed a biological weapon on the station, making its air toxic and killing the majority of its inhabitants, including Damien, David barely escapes in the arms of his “mother” Kate, Dr. Damien’s wife. They settled in the LaGrange 1 Station and David had a happy life (Kate never told him who his father was and never told him what he was) but she died 3 years later due to complications with her lungs. David, now orphaned, relied on stealing, begging, and whatever else he can do to survive. When he turned 4, he stowed away on a fruit freighter that headed for Earth and landed in Frankfort, Germany. Later he tried to rob a rich looking kid and was beaten down (*cough* ass kicked *cough*) this kid, instead of turning him in, asked him who he was and why he tried to steal from him. David reveals that he is an orphan and doesn’t know how else to survive. The kid (named Raphael), feeling sorry for David, asks if he wants to play with him and David meets his father (A rich industrialist and the only family Raphael has) and is eventually adopted as a son. David is sent to the same private school as his brother and excels in every aspect, even learning subjects in higher levels and learning 8 languages by the age of 10. During this time he meets many substantial leading members in both the SOL, STAR, and Independent governments because of his father’s wealth and power.
Second Solar War: When he was 15 the second Solar War erupts and David (Who doesn’t know he is an Übermensch) signs up with Raphael and joins the German SOL forces, fighting with him in the first three Battles of the Moon, Battle of the Sun, and the Battles of the Abyss. During one of these battles David single handedly destroyed a SOL destroyer with his Wanzer, the reason it was said was that since his Wanzer was painted black it camouflaged itself so well that they thought he was “one” with the cold, empty abyss of space, giving his Wanzer the nickname Abysmal. David and his Wanzer however was heavily damaged in this battle (he had had his left arm and part of his torso blown off) and was reconstructed using SHADOW. When SOL lost most of its space assets, they were stationed in a German town on the Belgium border. The next 4 months are peaceful even though rumors of an invasion of Earth were floating around. David and the three other members of his squad (commanded by Raphael) get to know the town people very well and towards the end of the war Raphael fell in love with a woman named Martha and they were to be married. About a week before the wedding was to take place, STAR unleashed their invasion of Earth and a Drop Group landed in the northern plains of Netherlands that the European SOL forces had to hold and push back. Raphael’s squad was ordered to perform skirmish and static offensive operations against one of the battalions in the Drop Group, in which the bravely fought against superior numbers (22:1) wrecking havoc on their recon and supply lines. Within a month, the Drop Group pushed itself out into the neighboring countries, effectively putting Raphael’s squad 200 miles behind enemy lines. They used the town as staging point, the villagers helping out whenever they could and keeping them hidden from STAR patrols. Eventually STAR figured out what was going on and sent a task force to destroy the squad and whatever else stood in their way. The result of the battle that took place destroyed the town, destruction of the task force, and the three other members of the squad David is in (including Raphael), and the destruction of David’s wanzer, effectively ending his involvement in the remaining 2 months of the war.
Year of Defeat: After that last battle David lost everything, his brother, his wanzer, his father (Killed because he was active in SOL politics), the life he dreamed of as a child, and his hope. He knew he didn’t have to go back to stealing to survive (He was the only heir to his fathers’ vast industrial assists) but what did he have to live for? He decided to strengthen his fathers’ legacy and honor both him and Raphael by making the company to greatest he could and decided to expand the wanzer division of the company. He stove for 6 months making sure that his company wasn’t liquidated by rival companies that had sided with STAR and convinced other conglomerates to merge with his, thus creating the Wanzer Corporation, the leader in high tech materials which included robotics, weapons, AI/OS systems, and etcetera.
In Service of a King: About a year after the end of the war, an old SOL officer named Ander calls him up and says that he has a job for him. David doesn’t refuses the job until (he thought it was “grunt mercenary work”) Ander mentions the situation in Neptune is endangering his lordship (Ander is the head intelligence officer for the king) and that he is particularly worried about the kings daughter, Ehlena (she wants to join the military to set an example to the people). David finally accepts (because he owes Ander a favor) and leaves his company behind in the hands of trusted stockholders, and joins the Neptunian military as a specialist and is assigned to protect Ehlena with the alias that he is an extended member of the royal family. David saves her life multiple times during battles against activist groups and pirates, David fights for about 5 months. During this time with Ehlena he starts to slowly let down the mental barriers he erected during the last war and begins to fall in love with her and her with him, but they refuse to act on anything because it would jeopardize her safety and political position (activist groups are threatening to succeed or kill the royal family). The task force that David is in is attacked by STAR forces while trying to follow terrorist groups around the Lagrange Point 3 Station (STAR owns that territory) and David and Ehlena crash onto the station and is confronted by Julius himself who, after a brief battle, reveals what David really is. During this battle Ehlena is seriously wounded and would die of her wounds before she ever got back to the task force so David makes a deal with Julius so that Ehlena would be saved now and spared in the upcoming war that was brewing. Julius happily agrees. So David’s “killed” in battle (which crushes Ehlena because she really does think he is dead) and David turns to save her life.
Heir to an Empire: David is made a member of Julius’s Knights (giving him the authority to do anything on the field of battle) and goes under the alias Revan and is assigned to STAR’s latest Battle Carrier class ship, the Principes. David learns that Martha (Raphael’s former fiancé) is also serving on this ship and that she has been assigned under his command (Julius is a clever fracker). David sees that Martha is not the same women he once knew and has to reprimand her for the recklessness of her tactics in combat. Later during the battles around Earths Lagrange points Martha learns who “Revan” really is and avoids him on the ship. During a skirmish between SOL’s flagship and the Principes, Martha’s wanzer is about to be destroyed when David goes against orders and rescues her downed craft in Chile. When David gets back to the ship he rushes past MP’s (who have orders to arrest him) with Martha in his arms and heads to the medical brig where he personally makes sure that she is nursed back to health. Julius hears of this and starts to manipulate the connection between Martha and David to insure that he stays (Julius believes that David is the perfect heir for his Empire). During a mission in the same area David isn’t able to protect a group of refugees trying to land on Earth and blames himself for it and breaks down in Martha’s waiting arms. After this incident, David and Martha are transferred to “protect” Julius and his fleet, but in reality it’s so Julius can train David to take over his empire and to better manipulate David and Martha’s relationship.
Decision: The situation in Neptune has deteriorated into all out civil war between the Royalist (people loyal to the royal family) and Revolutionist (people rebelling against the monarchy) and the royalist are not doing so well in this conflict. Once David hears about this he immediately goes to Julius and asks him to lead a force to save the Royalist from a certain defeat and uses their agreement to back up his argument, Julius says no on grounds of “It’s not our war. I said that I would spare her from my war not their own”. David plans a mutiny by leaving the armed forces with his personal squad and many of the men who are loyal to him. Before he leaves to go fight for the Royalist he approaches Martha and asks her to come with him, after a long and heated argument she refuses and runs out of the room crying (she believes in what Julius is saying and it breaks her heart when David wants to turn away from him). When David is leaving (right before he gets to the hanger actually) Julius confronts him and says that if he leaves that David would be condemning the human race to destruction and chaos and asks him what he would do once this happens. David says “I’ll do what I have to. I’ll stand and fight.” and leaves in the Abysmal. The Royalist and Revolutionist fleets are battling it out in what looked liked the final battle, the King, Ehlena and Ander are directing the Royalist forces and there is a breach in the defenses enabling a enemy wanzer to position itself in front of the bridge of their flagship. It aims its rifle. A shot breaks out. And the wanzers arm silhouette is punctured and explodes. The Abysmal screams in from the emptiness of space and slices the wanzer in half, bringing David and his allies into the fight, effectively turning the tide of the battle and destroying the Revolutionary forces.
Fall of Hope: Ehlena can not believe that it is David in the Abysmal and never accepts him as alive until she actually sees and feels him in person. David speaks to all of them about the situation going on with SOL and STAR saying that both are going to led the human race into annihilation no matter who wins (this sounds very much what Julius says when he declares the T.E.) and that a new order is needed in order for the human race to flourish and protect itself. Ander receives an intelligence report that says that SOL has decided to take advantage of the weakened state of Neptune and is sending an overwhelming force to take it over in order to have a staging point to attack STAR’s bases in the outer territories. The King decides to evacuate the entire civilian population (at the cost of the royal treasury) and consolidates Neptune’s military in order to give SOL a pyrrhic victory. David decides to call on his company (which is the largest in existence) for support and is able to use it to help out both the civilians and the Neptunian military (effectively bringing the corporate blocks into the war). The battle is adjoined and the casualties on both sides are excruciating especially around David’s sector. There is a pause within this battle when SOL decides to withdraw their troops for 4 hours to regroup and supply, during this time the King decides to send what’s left of the Neptunian military (except battle group III) to help find a way to stop the war and to keep his daughter alive. Moments before SOL reinitiates their attack, the King talks to David and tells him that he knew that David was “The Ultimate Übermensch” and that just because he is a “freak” doesn’t mean that he should live in sorry and despair “Use your curse and make your life worth the cost” and to care for his daughter (he never defines whether this means to “protect” or to “love”). The King stays behind with BGIII and self destructs the Neptunian rings to destroy 90% of SOL’s fleet.
The Final Phase: Ehlena is crushed by her fathers death and cries into David’s arms (which reminds him of him and Martha). Ander and David decide to wage a guerilla war against SOL within the Martian space and then later within Earths Lagrange points. During these battles, David runs into Martha (who has been assigned to bring back David for “justice”) and they have to fight each other multiple times. During this time, STAR has been reduced to ruins and Julius has unleashed his own personal army and creates the Terran Empire to take its place, and with millions flocking to its borders because of its promise for “Peace with Justice “, Julius decides to engulf what’s left of STAR, Independent League, and SOL (the entire human race in general). David knows that Julius will unite humanity, by any means necessary, but SOL will never surrender to Julius. David knows that Julius will die by the end of next year (Julius has shortened telomeres, which causes his internal organs to age rapidly, he will die before his 35 birthday), and that Julius will do whatever it takes to create his empire and make sure it holds after his death. Ander gets a report that Julius has perfected a weapon that can destroy planets (namely Earth) and that he will use this weapon (Charged Positron Cannon) against Earth if SOL is not willing to surrender. Julius moves this weapon into firing position and demands for SOL’s surrender, to which SOL’s response is to send it’s entire orbital fleet to destroy it and Julius. David decides to send everything he has to stop both sides from destroying each other. And so the final battle is set.
”This World is Still Worth Protecting”: By the time David and his forces arrive, TE and SOL are already destroying each other, though TE has the advantage due to it’s superior technology and the morale that its “just” cause brings. David deploys his troops and then decides to lead in the Abysmal; Ander decides the same thing, while Ehlena is left with AK (David’s personal AI) to make tactical decisions in Neptune’s flagship, The Resolute. During this titanic battle above Earth, The Resolute and The Principes square of against each other while David is busy fighting/telling Martha that he doesn’t want to fight her and for her to go back to the Principes, which Julius (who is on comlink with Martha shortly after) agrees and orders her back to the Principes. The Resolute defeats the Principes (Martha is on the ship but has escaped in an evacpod) but Ander is killed in the process. David has spotted Julius’s wanzer and the two of them duel it out between the three fleets, both of them trying to justify their reasons for fighting. During this battle, David spots Martha in the window of an evacpod and speeds out of his own battle with Julius to guide her to the Neptunian battle lines. Julius notices her as well; he smiles, aims his rifle, and fires at the pod. David notices the shot and its trajectory; he hits the thrusters, and speeds to the pod to block the shot. He makes it in time to block the shot and looks at the pod and sees Martha smiling at him. David is distracted by this and one of Julius’s DRAGOON’s positions itself and fires at the pod, puncturing it. David screams her name and the pod explodes around him swallowing the Abysmal in the maw of flames. Julius smiles, reconnects his DRAGOON’s, and speeds to destroy the crippled Resolute. David snaps out of PDSD and is layered with a new determination to make sure that Julius never kills again and reaches the Resolute just in time to engage him before he is able to destroy the ship. David screams that Julius is to blame for everything that has happened to him (which is actually very true) and that he will kill him here and now.
David Hadron
David Hadron

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David Hadron, The Ultimate Übermensch Empty Is he a party animal!?!?!

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I thought you might like to see how David, when he lets his guard down rather than the staunchy stiff super soldier, Enjoy!

A wise man once said to David "Religion is a way for the little man too feel that there is a purpose to his life and that his soul will live on after his body is nothing. They believe that there is something worth all this suffering for."
"But then again," David said to himself, "He was wrong on some things." He paused. "He was only human."
The hanger was dark, only a single light illuminated the colossal space inside of it. It was also cold, it seemed that the snow outside would not let up under all the protest of a world. David was at the very back, working on the Abysmal’s MA-80V beam assault cannons in the individual DRAGOON pods. AK was in a cold sleep which was fortunate for David, he was in the mood to think, not to shoot.
For some reason unannounced to him, the DRAGOON system was lagging by .006 seconds during standard operation. This lag may seem unimportant, but in his line of work this could mean life or death, and he would prefer to live at this time. He looked around in the communications outlet on DRAGOON pod 5, trying to find the cause for the delay of the signal.
The lights came on. David pushed himself from under the pod and looked up on his back. Ehlena was standing over him, in the same elegant dress he had seen her in 2 hours ago, arms crossed, and a look of anger in her eyes that made his stomach churn. He was about to speak when she said “What are you doing here?” her voice filled with annoyance and confusion.
“Politics is your game” replied David “Besides I’m too” he hesitated
“Different?” she said with a hint of hurt in her voice.
He got up. Ehlena groaned when she saw his uniform: it was covered in mechanical and hydraulic fluid. David chuckled “I guess that I got a bit into it.” David walked over to his desk and grabbed a small ball. He squeezed it once; suddenly the fluids that had embedded themselves in his attire shot out and formed around the ball.
“Courtesy of the Wanzer Cooperation,” He said while setting the ball back on the table.
“That doesn’t change the fact that you’re in here and not with me at the party,” She snapped
“I thought that parties were supposed to be enjoyable?”
“I thought that you were supposed to go with me?”
“I did go.”
“Then you left!” she said with the voice of someone with absolute moral authority.
“What do you think you did when you came to find me?” He said while holding out his arm.
She glared at him, sighed, and then took his arm. They walked out of the hanger together, the snow falling on their shoulders. Ehlena turned her head to him “You would think that the leader of the human race would attend his own party.” She laughed
“Well you know better than anyone that he is not the most traditional of men,” He responded with a chuckle.
“Promise me he will stay this time,” She said with excitement in her in her eyes.
David sighed, “Fine, he’ll stay.”
Ehlena squealed with delight!
“But,” David continued, “I swear if one more person walks up to me saying 'Thank you for saving us' or 'I loved your designs' or 'I named my 5th child after you' I swear I’ll never be seen in public again!”
She laughed, and then he did to. David felt good again. “I needed a laugh,” He thought to himself.
The two lovers walked back to the palace and to back into the horror that is a bureaucratic party.
Back in the hanger a very annoyed AK would’ve hit his head on a wall if he could. “Good God!” he thought, “I have no idea how they not destroyed each other yet!”
David Hadron
David Hadron

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