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Dingo Batblade, Lord of Darkness Empty Dingo Batblade, Lord of Darkness

Post by Dingo Batblade on Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:18 pm

Birth name: Din-goi Brightwood (Pronounced din, go, eeee)
Chosen name: Dingo Batblade
Age: 347
Place of Origin: unknown realm, Darkfire woods
Position: vampire/fairy/self-proclaimed Lord of Darkness
Patron God: Loki, Master of Lies
Favorite blood type: AB+

For the first 17 years of his life, Din-goi lived as a small fairy resembling a 3.ft humanoid raccoon living in the Darkfire woods. These fairies were never discovered by any outsider on account of the large amount of raving demons, vampires, and other such beasts from hell and so they were never given any other name besides “Tasty Meal”. The life and culture of these fairies revolved around the fact that most of their lives consisted of getting eaten or growing up, then mating and getting eaten. The greatest aspiration for a male was to have more than two children before they were eaten. Din-goi was no exception until a wandering old vampire thought it would be funny to turn him into a one of the undead instead of snacking on him. To his surprise, the onrush of power and the change from a happy little fairy into a beastly undead awakened Din-goi to his plight and, upon realizing this, proceeded to destroy the vampire. Being one of the creatures of the dark and also one of the fairy folk, Din-goi was quickly banished by both sides in the forest.
Following his banishment, he quickly deemed his body unfit for the destructive ruler he aspired to be. Though he was a vampire he was also still the 3 ft. raccoon fairy that was constantly feasted upon by others and the combination was both disturbing and a little silly, and so he searched for a solution until he found a very powerful wizard who turned him into a human man, however the wizard thought it terribly funny to keep his tail. Din-goi then acquired a great liking to the knife after the punishment that followed. His final ascension to the vampire known today was when he got the Batblade and assumed the name “Dingo”.


Various Knives: although he likes to keep with one specific knife that’s not always possible so he takes many different knives from many different places. He is extremely skilled in both throwing and dueling with only the knife but will use them in combination with his sword.

Batblade: A very large sword, the batblade is actually a two handed sword but dingo wields it with one hand in combination with a knife. Against weaker foes he will just chop them down with the batblade but against more skilled adversaries he will use the batblade to stun or block and then move in for the kill with a knife. Though Dingo knows very little about its capabilities, the Batblade is host to an immense amount of enchantments and other forms of magicks and is capable of dealing a huge amount of damage. The blade was made for a vampire, by a vampire, however, so most of the things Dingo does with it are by instinct.

Amulet of Tezca: this small trinket combined with his ancestry protects him from the destructive effects of the sun. although it is still extremely unpleasant for him to be touched by days light, he wont die by it.


Creep walking: a strange ability where he acquires both faster speed as well as a transforming type thing that allows him to move unnaturally through shadows.

Drain: being a vampire he will rarely tire but when he does, he need only get a little taste of the good stuff.

Necromancy: he possesses very limited necromancy skills but does have the ability to summon an army of undead raccoons. (used mostly because its funny rather than because its helpful)

Various Magiks: thanks to his Batblade he possess a large amount of various spells that he can use such as energy blasts and dispelling.
Dingo Batblade
Dingo Batblade

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