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Post by Azrael on Mon Mar 23, 2009 7:59 pm

Full Name: Azrael, the Eternal Warlock, Guardian of the Realm
Age: 1,100 + years, exact age unknown
Place of Origin: The Material Plane, a traveling Tiefling caravan.
Position: Wandering Warlock, self-appointed protector of the weak
Patron Goddess: Selene, Demigoddess of Outcasts

Azrael is a Tiefling, which is a race of part-demons descended from a noble ruling dynasty of old. These nobles in ages past traded part of their humanity for greater power in an attempt to consolidate their positions as rulers. Eventually, their cruelties grew too great and they were overthrown in a war with the Dragonborn, and their descendants have been forced to live with their evil heritage. Many Tieflings actually make an honest attempt to fit in to society and do their best to contribute to it. They make ideal warlocks because of their demonic heritage, but many who do follow this path worry about the moral implications of using this power, fearing they are only further damning themselves.

Tieflings are red-skinned humanoids with horns, short black claws on hands and feet, tails of various sizes (depending on gender), and sharp teeth. Azrael's horns are swept back along his skull (they're black, roughly the texture of a ram's horns. but they are attached to the skull for most of their length.) His eyes betray his demonic heritage with an angry red glow, and he is considerably taller than most of his short race; taller even than most humans. His heritage grants him a mild resistance to the basic elemental forces, as well as the ability to see in complete darkness (darkvision is black and white, but otherwise functions as normal vision). Azrael is bald, which accentuates his large horns, removing any doubts as to his humanity. He is slender, but fairly fit due to his active adventuring lifestyle.

Azrael is clothed in black dragon leather armor with a flowing royal purple cape. As a weapon, he carries an ancient pact blade used by one of the ancient nobles in the very ritual that created his race. It can be used as a normal dagger if the fighting gets too thick, and functions very well as such, but its true purpose is to magnify the effects of any of his warlock abilities that he channels through it.


Azrael is the bastard offspring of another Tiefling warlock and Selene, the demigoddess of outcasts. His father was a good-hearted warlock like himself, and the demigoddess had taken note of his efforts to help a society that hated his kind twice over for being both Tiefling and warlock. Her affection grew into love, and out of their love came Azrael. When Azrael was born, his father chose to raise him by himself. Scarcely a month after his birth, however, his father was killed by a demon hunter, leaving Azrael at the mercy of the small group of other outcast Tieflings, for his mother could not raise him on the material plane.

As Azrael grew, the only other experienced warlock in the group taught him everything he knew. By the time he was fifteen, he already mastered all the older warlock could teach; at some things he was even better than his mentor. He learned from his dead father's example, helping those who could not help themselves. He always worked in secret; early experience taught him that often people though being helped by him was worse than whatever calamity he rescued them from. As soon as he was able, he left the other Tieflings, recognizing that their resigned attitude would never take them anywhere. Being a quasi-deity, Azrael needed neither sustenance or even sleep, so his journeys took him to the most inhospitable corners of the realm, finding fame and riches wherever he went. As he traveled, his powers and understanding of his heritage grew. For even though he was born of the divine, the ancient pact between his ancestors and Tar'xax, a powerful Pact demon, that granted him his powers still left him bereft of a soul. As years turned into decades, and the decades to centuries, the older, even more powerful Azrael resolved that nothing was worth sacrificing his soul for; for no amount of power would save him if he died... without a soul, there would be no afterlife for him.

With this resolve, Azrael set out on a great quest to find Tar'xax and get his soul back. He knew that to retrieve his soul, at the very least he must give up his powers, but that was a sacrifice he was more than willing to make, for what had his powers given him but heartache? Oh, certainly he had gained a truly outstanding fortune over his long lifespan, but gold could not shield him from the disgust in the eyes of people when they discovered his double curses of race and ability.

His determination slowly gave way to despair as repeated attempts by wizards and sorcerers to divine the whereabouts of Tar'xax all failed, and his own personal search of all the main demonic planes turned up empty. His fruitless searching has eaten up another century of his immortal life, and his searches led him ever further from his home plane, finally leading to the fateful meeting with the Highlander in the mythical Highlands. Now at last he has a purpose he would feel comfortable giving his life towards; it is something far greater than the eternal soul of a single man.


Pact Blade:
Azrael's prolonged life has let him acquire a few items of great power, most notable of which is his pact blade. This blade was the very blade used by the noble who led the ceremony to create his race. Subsequently, it was also used as the primary focus in the first large rite to create the original coven of Tiefling warlocks. Over the years, it has passed through many warlock hands, and was used in pacts with countless different pact demons, creating countless warlocks. At last, Azrael found it in the possession of a malicious warlock coven he stumbled upon during his adventures. He killed off the entire coven, which had been terrorizing nearby towns for years, and thus the ancient blade came into his possession.

This blade, having been the focal point of countless powerful rituals, has been highly attuned to demonic magic, and has been steeped in its power. Any warlock who channels one of his abilities through it will find it magnified twofold. Even the touch of the blade is deadly; a cut from it cannot be healed by any normal means; only a powerful cleric or a god could remove the taint from the wound before it spreads and kills the victim.

Dragon Scale Armor:
After deciding to join up with the Highlander, Azrael liquidated most of his remaining properties and assets on the material plane and purchased this powerful suit or armor from Elminster himself. The old archmage had no use for it personally, but Azrael knew that he would need the best protection he could afford for this quest. The armor is made from the scales of an ancient black dragon, so old as to have an almost purplish sheen. The scales have been treated with some secret alchemical process to make them more pliable yet even more unnaturally tough, and the magical enchantments are numerous and powerful, some of them cast by Elminster himself. The defensive shield around the armor can deflect almost any projectile, and the armor magically absorbs even the greatest concussive force. The armor gives the wearer the strength and speed of a dragon (well, not quite that much strength, but significant), and has been enchanted to make the wearer immune to all forms of elemental damage (heat, cold, electricity, and acid) as well as holy and unholy energies.. It also grants significant magical resistance to protect the wearer from wizardly adversaries, and in case of long falls, the wearer can activate a built-in feather fall enchantment at will, or it can automatically trigger if the wearer falls more than fifteen feet in case of unconsciousness. Finally, the wearer can call upon a final enchantment to have two large dragon wings sprout from the back, giving the wearer the ability to fly. The flying speed is magically enhanced, allowing him to keep up with even the fastest enemy.


Infernal warlocks like Azrael, who's powers stem from pacts with demons, harness eldritch demonic energy to create devastating magical attacks. Infernal warlocks are very offensively oriented, taking to heart the maxim “A good offense is the best defense.” This only works, of course, when the offensive party can overcome the defenses of its opponent. Azrael has yet to meet any opponent who can resist him, but in this new epic adventure with the Highlander and all the others, who knows what powerful opponents he might come to face...

Eldritch Blast: The bread and butter of warlock offense, the Eldritch blast is inherent to all warlocks. It is a blast of pure chaotic energy focused into a lightning-bolt like ray. These blasts are so inherent to warlocks that using them does not expend any energy; Azrael can fling them around as long as he wants without getting tired. The eldritch blast grows in power with the warlock, so Azrael's is among the most powerful of any warlock.

Also, Azrael is accomplished enough to change the very shape of his blasts from rays to cones to fireball-like delayed blasts. He can cast up to five eldritch blasts at once, though this will eventually tire him.

Witchfire: As a more insidious form of attack, Azrael can cast witchfire. The target is instantly consumed in glowing purple flames, and purple energy flows from their eyes and mouth. The flames do not physically burn, however; instead, they ignite all the nerves in the victim, inflicting them with wracking agony that incapacitates them totally for almost a minute. Inadvertent voiding of bowels and bladder are common with this attack, and not very pretty.

Firestorm: This is an area of effect fire spell that takes the form of hundreds of tiny droplets of liquid flame that expand into large fireballs upon contact. The resulting flames are resistant to any effort to put them out, clinging with a literally demonic tenacity to anything they touch.

Heart of Northrend: This attack is similar in appearance to a blue wizard's fireball, but instead of incinerating the target it instead freezes them in their tracks. Literally. The intense cold is also capable of freezing water or most other liquids to form a solid, traversable surface. Just don't slip.

Hurl Through Hell: This is a powerful attack stemming from Azrael's strong understanding of demonic power. Azrael opens up a fiery chasm beneath the feet of an opponent (or a group of them), which sucks them down into its sulfurous, foul-smelling depths, closing after them. The chasm is actually a planar rift to the seventh level of the nine hells, and the chaotic energies wreak havok on the victims as they are thrown through it. A few seconds later, a glowing fiery arch opens in the air, disgorging the mewling, charred bodies of the victims.

These abilities are a mere sample of the true capabilities of Azrael. He can manipulate fire, cold, and pure eldritch energy in any number of ways, and there are still more he has undoubtedly not yet thought to try.


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